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Dennie Guppy

 Hi, my name is Dennie Guppy and I am the founder of the paranormal group GUARD PARANORMAL (Ghost, Unit, Analysis, Research, and Detection).  I am a native of Central Illinois based in Bartonville, Illinois; which is 5 minutes from Peoria, Illinois.  I am a volunteer firefighter.  I have always had an interest in the paranormal and decided to create a paranormal organization for Central Illinois.  Our group was founded in 2005 with a successful website launch in 2006.  My niece Wendy Gregg who was a member and my sister Teresa Rassi are also members of the group. You can see their photos along with our other members on the Member Photo?s link on our website.

Recently, our group researched my family history.  Below is remarkable information we learned about a relative named Agnes Guppy (Volckman).  

Agnes Guppy (Volckman)

It is believed that Agnes Guppy was the second wife of Spiritualist, Samuel Guppy.  She was formerly known as Miss Agnes Nichol.  She was discovered to be a powerful medium by Naturalist, Alfred Russell Wallace.  In the 1800?s Wallace worked independently of Charles Darwin.  Wallace began working on a theory of evolution based on natural selection.  He began investigating Spiritualism in 1865; a year later he met a young girl, Agnes, at his sister?s home.  The young Agnes was able to move objects without any contact with them.  This is called telekinesis.  This extraordinary phenomenon was observed after a séance with others participants back then called sitters in an empty room of Wallace?s sister?s home.  He believed that her powers were even stronger when others were not present. 

Upon further observations Wallace learned that young Agnes was able to see what he called ?phantom children?.  Not only was Agnes Telekinetic she was also a Medium.  Agnes was watched very carefully while her powers developed and improved through the years.  Some of her strongest experiences were stripping of a table, moving objects, and levitation.

Agnes was a heavily built woman in her adult years and while in the dark holding hands was able to levitate from the floor to the top of the séance table; quite an astonishing task.  Independent music and other phenomena would come next.  On many occasions objects that were asked by participants in her séances would appear out of nowhere.  Specifically, when a friend of Wallace?s asked for a sunflower a six feet high with mass of earth around its roots dropped onto the table.  She was able to make the impossible happen upon request.  Other things witnessed were snow produced in a hot spring house, flowers, prickly cacti, fruit, sand from the sea with seawater, as well as, live starfish, eels, and lobster in large numbers.

Agnes married Samuel Guppy in 1867.  Her marvels continued and were witnessed through the years.  She was the first to be photographed by Frederick A. Hudson, Spirit Photographer, in March 1872.  Agnes Guppy stood to the right in the photograph with two of her friends.  In the film, near the middle, was a blur drifting towards her, which was believed to be a spirit, caught on film.  Spirit Photography was a short-lived fad in the 1800?s.  At that time most investigators believed these could be easily faked photographs. 

Catherine Berry of Experiences in Spiritualism writes of Agnes Guppy?s wonders in 1876.  Specifically noted a white cat and a Maltese dog that belonged to Agnes appeared in a séance in Berry's home exactly where Agnes Guppy sat.  During another séance at Ms. Berry?s home Agnes was able to produce a large number of butterflies descended from the ceiling.

The most incredible case in Agnes? career as a telekinetic person and Medium was the claim of transporting herself from her home in Highbury, London, England to 61 Lamb's Conduit street, London, England which is a distance of three miles.  This occurrence happened while Frank Harrison and Charles Williams, with eight sitters, were holding a séance.  On the request of Mr. Harrison, Agnes was asked to transport herself from her home to the room that they were holding the séance.  Agnes was able to appear but unfortunately she was only half-dressed and in a deep trance!  It was said that she was witnessed in her home, in a trance, and lying in her bed.

Later in life in the 1900?s Agnes was remarried to a Mr. Volckman.  Agnes passed away in 1917.

After some time she has puzzled even the most skeptical people.  Through time she faded away into history and as time passed with skepticism. 

For further research on Agnes Guppy (Volckman) you can search for Spiritualists in most library's.  She is also noted in Time Life Books.  

Till this day she was never proven a fraud!

FIRST,  some people say that there is no science to back that ghost exist! 

So then, what is Science?

"Science is neither a philosophy nor a belief system. It is a combination of mental operations that has become increasingly the habit of educated peoples, a culture of illuminations hit upon by a fortunate turn of history that yielded the most effective way of learning about the real world ever conceived."

Edward O. Wilson

Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge

Today it is easy to say that there is no such thing as ghosts because there is no physical evidence to back up a claim that ghosts exist. As far back as mankind can recall this has been a question everyone asks himself or herself. Also, what happens when I die and where will I go? Ghosts have played a huge part in our history and have been pointed out by writers of  old. One famous ghost seen and written about is President Abraham Lincoln, who has been seen in Washington D.C. at the White House and at his home and tomb in Springfield, Illinois. This well known President has been seen a number of times and has been documented many times over the years. Research shows that when we die, something happens in our brain, but this research can't answer all questions including an out of body experience.  How can people who were dead come back from  death's icy fingers.  How can we answer such a question?  Another question, how can water play a role in possible hauntings?  Some haunted hot spots have underground water.  It is unknown how the human body affects elements such as water.  It may be an imprint on the environment surrounding the water.  Paranormal investigators, ghost hunters, and others of today believe that there is more to life than death itself and feel that they have been touched by an unknown force.  They wish to seek out the truth.  An example of seeking the truth is the understanding that some people will look at a photograph and believe that there is a face looking back at them.  We as human beings have it built in our brains to form shapes in our mind especially faces.  An example of this is called Matrixing.  Is it possibly due to smoke or a mist?  Lets think about this at a different angle; what if the face is there, would we know if this was the face of a ghost?  Remember, there is NO physical evidence of how a ghost would or would not appear in a photograph. A true paranormal investigator will try his or her best to disprove hauntings by looking at his or her surroundings, research, and of natural phenomena such as water and unnatural phenomena such as Electromagnetic Fields from electricity in a home.  A good way of thinking is using the famous saying by Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle, "Eliminate the impossible and whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth" before making a claim of a haunting.  If there is hard evidence that can't be explained, then it is evidence and cannot be debunked or disproved.  There will always be some that will also say that Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP recordings), Audio recordings, Photographs, and/or Videos are staged and fake.  We at GUARD PARANORMAL do not fake any evidence.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards.  Most paranormal investigators are after the truth.  But, they have to remember ?THINK TWICE?.  A good paranormal group would never charge for their services and provides the best service to its clients.  We at GUARD PARANORMAL will never charge!!!  GUARD PARANORMAL is here to help people seek the truth.  A true professional investigator is one who is seeking the truth and uses facts to back them up.


1.        Help people in need.

2.       We educate owners that real and professional paranormal investigators are there to help people in need who do not understand the paranormal nor understand what is happening on their property. 

3.     Provide education to the community.

4.     Help people free of charge.  Never charge for an investigation.

5.     Never pay to do an investigation to create a possible conflict of   interest.

6.      Strict confidentiality if the owner so chooses.

7.      We use detection with equipment, as well as, research to help us determine if we believe a place is haunted or not.  At times we may say it is? possible? that a property is haunted and that further investigation is needed. 

8.      Never state a property is haunted without hard evidence to back it up.

9.      If any of our members have experiences on the property there must be documented evidence to back that up.   

10.      GUARD PARANORMAL stands by their findings but will be open-minded to other answers, if plausible, and is proven to establish the truth.

11.      GUARD PARANORMAL upholds a very professional relationship among its members and clients.

12.      GUARD PARANORMAL is not-for-profit, however, donations can be made to help with equipment purchases and purchasing of disposable items such as batteries.  All donations are greatly appreciated.

13.      Feelings are just part of life, but isn't proof of a haunting, people's feeling can be fooled by natural forces, such as, electromagnetic magnetic fields or poor furnaces, piping, plumbing creating unknown noises, medication reactions, etc.

14.    If any member is discovered to fake any evidence that member is immediately removed from the GUARD PARANORMAL group!  GUARD PARANORMAL upholds the highest standards in paranormal research to make our paranormal group one of the best in the United States. 


Illinois State Hospital and GUARD PARANORMAL

People have asked GUARD PARANORMAL if we have ever desired to investigate the Illinois State Hospital a.k.a. the Illinois Insane Asylum, commissioned by the state in 1895 and later rebuilt by the late Dr. George Zeller in 1902.  The old hospital is located in Bartonville Illinois, Peoria County.  The photograph on our homepage is of this property.  There are many claims of paranormal activity on the property.  GUARD PARANORMAL cannot say it is haunted without an investigation. 

We would love the opportunity to do an investigation of this property, however, the property accepts tours only and charges each investigator present for Investigations-Approximately $100.00. GUARD PARANORMAL will not pay or charge any person or organization to perform an investigation!  By asking GUARD PARANORMAL to pay for an investigation this creates a conflict of interest and makes findings questionable.  GUARD PARABORMAL holds our standards to a higher level and feels if we need or want to do an investigation that it should be free of charge and agreed upon by both parties.

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